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The Charts Kanye West Lands Third Straight No 1

4. 000, its not made. The new 450 series moved. Sasha Fierce, which fell by 47% in sales its second week, with 257. 000 copies. L last year, Graduate sold nearly 1 million copies in its first week, while the 2005 Late Registration opens with 860. 000 Open in 2004. Creating a different style with his new album, Heartbreak and 808s, he was able to land his third straight no. However, Kanye lowest first week of sales since its debut album, The College Dropout, sold 441. Kanye West made it work. Following the list is Beyonce I Am. 1 albums on Billboard 200. 000 in its first week to grasp the throne.
10.12.08 11:53

Comedy Heavyweight Tina Fey Shed Pounds Gained Success

Now youre appropriate, famous and fabulous and nobody can stop talking about your big-a-chic Cinderella appear in history coming months Vanity Fair.. Here we thought you were the kind of girl who reassure us that being lean wasn t important and then you go and Maureen Dowd say that to make the jump from Saturday Night Live writers chamber Weekend Update co-anchor, he had lost 30 kilos .
10.12.08 11:53

Akon Is Not As Tough As He Claims To Be

Atlanta-based label he shares with Hip-Hop / R B singer T-Pain, reggae and pop star Kardinal Offishal new Colby ODonis are called Konvict Entertainment and Kon Live. The Atlanta rapper-songwriter-singers first single was titled Locked Up. This was specially for him street creditors, said Akon L Atlanta Journal-Constitution. While he could have been a little like a thief of youth, he was not hardened criminal, said an Atlanta newspaper Akon. And the title of his sophomore CD, which sold 3 million copies, was Konvicted. Aliaune Thiam played his criminal past, as he officially arrived on the music scene in 2004 as Akon.
10.12.08 11:53

Lena Headey Breaks Down For Her New Movie

In fact, the argument is pretty cool. And only when the one-sheet was t get the message, the international trailer amplifiers the fear factor.. The new poster for Lena next thriller, is The Broken, um, breaking. But then I think that the point. It the only disturbing thought of Lena cracked head that gives me pause.
10.12.08 11:53

Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson Fighting Like Cats And Dogs

At that time ve gone from being almost inseparable barely able to coexist in the same room. Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are looking at each other like an old married couple, according to an insider close to the odd couple. They I have also seen a counselor to help them overcome their relationship issues.. They ve now been together for nine months.
10.12.08 11:53


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